Accelerate Decision-Making with Artificial Intelligence.

Flexible, cost-effective AI-infused data analytics that meet your program requirements.

Award-winning Data Analytics.

Velocity® is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence-infused data analytics by Business Intelligence Group and Defense TechConnect.

Data Problems? Solved.®

Velocity® quickly answers questions, provides clear insights, and instills confidence in your decision making.

Information is evolving.

Velocity is constantly monitoring exponentially expanding data sources for updates and revisions. New data is automatically collected, conditioned, extracted, and analyzed to create up-to-date insights.

Work smarter, not harder.

Analysts can focus their time on uncovering new solutions, and determining relationships and opportunities – not digging through mountains of data.

AI knows the difference.

Data analysts spend time and effort extracting the useful information from large amounts of data. Velocity determines relevance and utility of data quicker than ever before.

Easy implementation.

Velocity is a customizable analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) solution that can eliminate the need for expensive on-site server hardware and IT management teams. Flexible deployment options are available.

Impacting your program with AI.

There’s a Velocity configuration that’s perfect for your requirements.

  • Strategy Development
  • Policy Analysis/Dev.
  • Requirement Development
  • Market Assessments
  • Program Management
  • Research Studies
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Acquisition Research
  • Risk Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Other Client-Specific Needs

How does it work?

Combining technologies delivers high quality results faster than ever before.

Continually aggregating disparate dynamic data sources and converting many data formats (pdf, html, .docx, etc.) of structured and unstructured data into a common format for further analysis. Velocity® also provides an audit trail back to data sources.

Forming conclusions based on large amounts of data requires a level of comprehension. Velocity® is able to identify parts of speech and other writing conventions to “understand” what it’s reading.

By analyzing the linguistics of documents and other data, Velocity® is able to overcome keyword search limitations by translating ambiguous concepts into its own definitions and meanings. It uses those meanings to find the data you’re looking for – even if you don’t know where to look.

Pattern-based data processing relies on algorithms. Velocity® is a next-generation tool that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to train your data to work for you and discovering new insights along the way.

Velocity® processes, analyzes and displays the exact information you need to make timely, informed, fact-based decisions about your program in an easy-to-understand format. Ask questions of your results, see the source data, and utilize highly relevant insights.



Information is collected in an array of formats from many sources.



The array of data is converted to a common format for analysis. 



Patterns and relationships within the data are identified.



AI provides meaning to otherwise meaningless data.



Raw data becomes actionable insight for informed decisions.

Large or Small.
Scaled for you. 

One of Velocity’s most unique features is its ability to scale – from small to large – based on your needs. We even offer inexpensive, short-term trials depending on your agency’s needs, data quantity, and use case.

We’ll set up the right Velocity implementation to accelerate your decision-making.

ALEX in action

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Executive Department
U.S. Government Client

Our data science experts developed a customized AI solution enabling our client’s analysts to search through years of contract documents using concepts instead of keywords. Results are based on relevance to the concepts discerned from the search criteria. Our solution meets and improves the client’s automated information retrieval requirements with a high degree of precision and recall, providing analysts with the information they need to make informed, fact-based decisions quickly.

“Technical experts evaluated the results from demonstrations and concluded that ALEX was the only source able to successfully demonstrate capability of meeting the requirements, satisfying the use cases and readiness for further [use] by the Government.”

U.S. Government Contracting Officer

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