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Velocity Receives Innovation Award from Defense TechConnect

ALEX is proud to receive a 2019 Innovation Award from Defense TechConnect for its artificial intelligence-powered data analytics solution, Velocity. Recipients of the Innovation Award demonstrate technologies with high degrees of positive impact on national security...

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We're ready to transform the way government does business with targeted, integrated AI solutions. Check out https://t.co/mNceWYTjXi @HurdOnTheHill

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Rep. Will Hurd@HurdOnTheHill

We shouldn’t be asking if the next generation of technology will be transformative or disruptive. We should be prepared to face this disruption head on. #DellTechForum

ALEX is honored to receive a 2019 Innovation Award from Defense @TechConnect360. Join us at the Expo on October 8 & 9 to learn about Velocity's impact on national security and the warfighter! https://t.co/yOAKeYdDTO

Join ALEX in remembering those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

#September11 #NeverForget #HonorThem

"...AI isn’t taking your job, it’s just freeing up all the time spent NOT working to make everyone more productive."


We can help ease the adoption of AI in your agency. Velocity can be scaled large or small based on your needs. Learn more at https://t.co/NxxaYyEGNE


See you at #DellTechForum on September 12! Dell Technologies @DellTech https://t.co/VIPBKo4m5x

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“ALEX provides a strong team with the ability to work well with the Government in the accomplishment of all duties. ALEX offsite managers have been fully supportive and 100% committed to ensuring the successful completion of our mission.”

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