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Breaking Down Barriers to AI Implementation

Whether you’re a program manager at a government agency or an executive in the private sector, implementing AI is generally a daunting task. At water coolers across the country and around the world, important conversations are happening between analysts, program...

Velocity Receives Innovation Award from Defense TechConnect

ALEX is proud to receive a 2019 Innovation Award from Defense TechConnect for its artificial intelligence-powered data analytics solution, Velocity. Recipients of the Innovation Award demonstrate technologies with high degrees of positive impact on national security...

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We use pragmatic, real-world AI technologies like Natural Language Processing to provide clear insight and accelerate decision-making. How can Velocity improve your program?

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We love thanking our vets!

John Aho, USMC Ret.: MP, served in Japan, Africa, and Germany.

#thankavet @USMC

We love thanking our vets!

Bethel “Buck” Evans, USMC Ret.: Attack Helicopter Pilot, served in Desert Storm.

#thankavet @USMC

We love thanking our vets!

Richard Bartis, Navy Ret.: Pilot served in Grenada and Persian Gulf.

#thankavet @USNavy

AI can solve an actual Rubik's cube.

ALEX's Velocity AI-infused data analytics can solve your actual data problems.

Learn more at https://t.co/NxxaYyEGNE

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“We shouldn’t do AI for the sake of AI...There needs to be a business outcome or a task you’re trying to complete."
Velocity can enhance your program with real-world outcomes. https://t.co/NxxaYyEGNE

#artificialintelligence #ML @DeptVetAffairs https://t.co/PXqgqdeAjU

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“ALEX provides a strong team with the ability to work well with the Government in the accomplishment of all duties. ALEX offsite managers have been fully supportive and 100% committed to ensuring the successful completion of our mission.”

U.S. Department of State