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Professional Services

We provide dedicated professional solutions to mission-critical programs, across the country and around the world.

Our team has extensive experience working in multi-agency, multi-national, academic, and private enterprises. From engaging with key officials about strategic policy to training the next generation of warfighters, our dedicated team delivers high-quality, timely results.

Strategic Policy Development

We advance your initiatives by effective planning, roadmapping, communication, and collaboration.

Financial Support Services

From collection and invoicing to payment processing and billing, we provide secure, compliant solutions.

Training & Education

Our subject matter experts (SME) develop and apply state of the art classroom and field education curriculum.

Program/Contract Management

Your mission is our mission. Ensuring successful program operations is the basis for everything we do.

ALEX in action

Employee Parking Assistance Program
Transportation Security Administration

ALEX administers and manages the TSA Employee Parking Assistance Program (EPAP) and provides parking, transportation, fee collection and invoice payment services for approximately 20,000 TSA employees participating in this program across numerous field locations (airports) across the country.

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