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Velocity™ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly answer questions, provide clear insights, and instill confidence in your decision making.

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By integrating emerging technologies and methodologies, our solutions increase business intelligence and enhance program operations.

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Innovative approaches to data strategies, IT, and acquisitions.

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Custom solutions that integrate information, logistics, and design.


Dedicated professional solutions to support mission-critical needs.

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In this #DoD Armed With Science Article, Dr. Matt Daniels discusses R&D in the context of #ArtificialIntelligence

We use pragmatic, real-world AI technologies like Natural Language Processing to provide clear insight and accelerate decision-making. How can Velocity improve your program?

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We love thanking our vets!

John Aho, USMC Ret.: MP, served in Japan, Africa, and Germany.

#thankavet @USMC

We love thanking our vets!

Bethel “Buck” Evans, USMC Ret.: Attack Helicopter Pilot, served in Desert Storm.

#thankavet @USMC

We love thanking our vets!

Richard Bartis, Navy Ret.: Pilot served in Grenada and Persian Gulf.

#thankavet @USNavy

AI can solve an actual Rubik's cube.

ALEX's Velocity AI-infused data analytics can solve your actual data problems.

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