Our data science experts developed a customized Artificial Intelligence solution, Velocity, that enables our client’s analysts to search through years of contract documents using concepts instead of keywords. Results are based on relevance to the concepts discerned from the search criteria. Our solution meets and improves the client’s automated information retrieval requirements with a high degree of precision and recall, providing analysts with the information they need to make informed, fact-based decisions quickly.

Artificial Intelligence benefits programs in many ways and there’s a Velocity configuration that’s perfect for your requirements: 

  • Strategy Development 
  • Policy Analysis/Dev. 
  • Requirement Development 
  • Market Assessments 
  • Program Management 
  • Research Studies 
  • Life Cycle Management 
  • Acquisition Research 
  • Risk Management 
  • Technology Assessment 
  • Intelligence Analysis 
  • Other Client-Specific Needs