Staff Augmentation

ALEX helps our customers implement cost effective staffing solutions to fulfill program requirements across all core offerings including Science, Technology, and Engineering; Integrated Facilities Management; Logistics and Operations; and Professional Services As a small business partner, we work with our customers to fill workforce requirements allowing them to focus on their core mission; therefore, achieving greater productivity and results for their organization.

The experience and tenure of our staff makes us unique and we provide a variety of flexible recruiting options to our customers. Our technical recruiters have an average of ten years of recruiting experience and truly understand the market, providing insight into the labor market and current recruitment trends. Our recruiters can help you with contract, project based, peak workload and permanent placement needs for short and long term projects, direct hire, and contract to hire staffing.
Short and Long Term Projects
We help solve the recruitment needs of our customers for both Short and Long Term Projects. For over 25+ years, our clients have come to us to help them with both short term surge work as well as long term projects that need to be filled fast with quality professionals capable of solving problems and producing results.
Direct Hire
Our dedicated team specializes in direct placement hiring for science, technology, and engineering, integrated facility management, logistics and operations, and professional services.. The ALEX direct hire stafing and recruitment team can help you identify talented professionals to join your organization on a full-time basis.
Contract to Hire Staffing
We can provide you with Temporary Staffing support. While providing Staffing services during the last 25+ years, we have found that most companies can benefit from a Contract to Hire recruiting model. When clients are in need for a full time and long term hire, ALEX provides top talent candidates with a fast turnaround giving you more flexibly during the hiring process.
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