Science, Technology, & Engineering (ST&E)

ALEX provides superior scientific, technological, and engineering support to a variety of government agencies. Whether coding material for training, analyzing human effects of non-lethal technology for the DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Program, or developing a Digital Science and Technology Integration Facility for the USMC Program Executive Office (Land Systems), we have the agility, knowledge, and flexibility to support multiple contracts across a wide variety of science, technology and engineering functional areas.

More than simply doing business, the ALEX way – a primary tenet to all of our operations – is our tried and true methodology that begins with our people and ensures that we retain a talented and motivated workforce.  Building on the strengths of our workforce, our highly effective management team inspires vision, supports innovation, and creates environments that foster teamwork. We apply these principles across our Human Effects & Non-Lethal Weapons Assessment, S&T Digital Integration, Scientific Research & Analysis, Geo-Spatial Information Management, Data Center Migration, and Software Development & Programming offerings to ensure that our customers have the necessary tools to increase efficiencies and enhance operations.

Human Effects & Non-Lethal  Weapons Assessment
Internationally recognized as leaders in the field of non-lethal effects, our team of experts conduct capability-based assessments of developing technologies against documented gaps to assist with cost benefits evaluations.  We provide DoD and NATO NLW doctrinal and policy reviews, NLW experts as on-site liaison officers, as well as human effects expertise.
S&T Digital Integration
Our digital S&T Integration Facility enables meaningful collaboration through enhanced visualization techniques and the ability to leverage large data repositories. We also provide tools that accelerate the science and technology research process by optimizing data for each user’s specific intent. 
Scientific Research & Analysis
With diverse scientific, engineering, and technical backgrounds, our research and analysis team collects, collates, analyzes, and reports on all manner of technologies. Our approach has been successful with expanding the state of knowledge of human effects, building S&T plans, and assessing the readiness level and potential utility of technologies.
Geo-Spatial Information Management
Our Geo-Spatial Information Management professionals are known for thought leadership and mission critical thinking in the areas of system design and implementation, data management, mapping services, emergency response, information coordination, applications development, system integration, and custom programming.
Data Center Migration (DCM)
ALEX offers a flexible & dynamic suite of integrated service offerings designed to meet today’s emerging needs for data center consolidation & migration.  Our team of IT professionals provide clients with high-end consulting and technical support services required to successfully lead and perform all phases of data center migration projects. 
Data Center Migration Solutions Brochure
Software Development &  Programming
Our software and program integrated systems are built to meet the critical structure and requirements of today's environments. Developed in-house to meet the individual needs of our customers, we provide programming solutions in a comprehensive and timely manner. This is most easily displayed by the S&T War Room ALEX developed, designed, constructed, and maintains for the PEO LS.
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