Logistics & Operations (Log&Ops)

When it comes to logistics and operations, ALEX has the proven performance and capability to ensure the job will get done with meticulous planning and accuracy.  We maintain focus on execution by monitoring costs, schedule, and quality across businesses, operation centers, and large federal agencies.  We specialize in managing the flow of services including storing, safeguarding, transporting and disposing of critical/sensitive material and assets from origin to destination and also provide support for relocation projects from office furniture to sensitive computer equipment. 

Our Log&Ops offerings include Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Operations, Transportation, and Shipping & Receiving. Our Logistics Specialists are trained in a variety of Asset Management Systems such as ILMS and Sunflower, and have specific industry recognized certifications such as Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM), Certified Professional Property Administrator (CPPA) and Certified Professional Property Specialist (CPPS). 

Supply Chain Management
We optimize supply chain management by focusing on the creation of value.  Our team works to ensure each link of the chain operates in concert, providing for decreased costs and increased efficiencies. The result is an interconnected web of sustainable and repeatable logistics management activities.
Warehouse Operations
ALEX has proven experience in the management of cleared warehouse facilities. Our understanding of cost control measures and schedule management provide our customers with decreased program risk and elevated performance. We focus on reliability, availability, and maintainability to support your operations.
Our dedicated team works to enhance transportation systems and to provide better logistics efficiency, reduced operational costs, and to promote service quality. Throughout our history, we have implemented successful transportation plans for multiple agencies in an array of various complexities.
Shipping & Receiving
We follow a multitude of specifications in the execution of shipping and receiving on behalf of the federal Government to ensure best practices are implemented and followed within distribution centers. Our standard operating procedures help to reduce errors and resource usage while improving accuracy and throughput.
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